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After 3 years working in the digital field in Paris, I felt the need of change. 2 years ago I came to work in the United-Kingdom. After 1 year spent in London working as a freelancer with agencies and start-ups, I chose Edinburgh to settle. Living abroad has been one of my most exciting experience.

My motto; be a ninja fighting for the user. I’m customer obsessed and I always want to make people’s life better and easier. And that is exactly what I try to do now with my Digital Native asset. Everyone should experience the digital as an easy and smooth path.

I always want the best results. I commit myself fully to all my projects, my work and my personal life. My best strength is that I always keep fighting and make things happen. I never give up.

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What I (love to) do


Research allows us to better understand business goals and customers. We should start each project by finding inspirations and examples from everywhere. Spy on our customers. It helps us to shape our ideas, makes our understanding stronger and our solutions more confident.


This is when our ideas begin to be shaped and become real. From sketches to HD solutions. Using simple interactive prototypes or more complex animations, we gather everything we learnt into one holistic solution. Is it mobile first, or responsive? No matter what we choose, we have to involve users at every moment.


There is no way that we’re starting to develop something without any usability tests. If you’re costumer obsessed like me, we should test early and test often. Modifications become more costly down the pipeline so the sooner any sort of testing can be done the better.

Finding new ideas

I love working on new creative concepts and keeping me busy. In digital or even a totally different field, I put my creativity to serve my curiosity and learn new things. Challenging ourselves it’s the best way to grow and stay open to the world.

Design Sprint

I love trying new methodologies. Google Ventures has experimented for a few years to give us one of the most fast-paced 5 days ever. I am convinced it’s a brilliant method to kick-off an early-stage project (any project). The purpose of the Design Sprint isn’t to end up with a final solution ready to be developped, but to shape a bunch of concepts and ideas to start with.

Looking for the next adventure

Life is an adventure right? You’re the only one that can decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Like everyone, I have many dreams and a long bucket list. However, I persist making things happen. No matter how life constantly tries to make things harder, I keep pushing myself and never give up.

While I was working with her for 5 months, Marine didn’t just prove her skills as a well-seasoned UX designer but also inspired the whole team with her self-motivated effort to try new methodologies like Design Sprint in a small yet fast-growing team. With her passion across the wide range of UX design practices, I believe she will be a great asset to any team who take the value of good user experience seriously.

Stanley Chung

UX Designer, Amazon

I'm also a freelancer.

You have an idea or a project? Let’s collaborate and build something awesome.