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Story of body

Corps à corps, the ritual as identity

Webdocumentary ordered by the Darjeeling production agency. Corps à corps is an interactive and transmedia experience which deals with 6 daily rituals : make-up, bodybuilding, plastic surgery, tattooing, depilation,skin bleaching. We only designed the user journey around the tattoo theme insisting on the importance of the immersion, using interactions with the smartphone and binaural sound.

Project Details

Student project Gobelins

Date April 2015

Skills UX Design, UI, Motion Design, UX Pin, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro

My role

I worked on the user experience and the graphics. I led the users researches and designed the paths and wireframes for the experience.

Users research

I managed the focus group and individual interviews to determine what kind of interactive experience could interest them.


I took part in devising the strategy and the storytelling of the experience.

Design & Iteration

Finally, I designed the different wireframes and high resolution interfaces to illustrate the ritual of tattooing.

About designing experience

This project was complicated. The theme proposed was very conceptual, and we had a full permission to build the design and the story. So the first step was to study the similar experiences on the web and to find a different approach. Then we brainstormed for a long time to find THE original idea. At the same time, I organized focus groups and published a survey to guide us in the choice of the story. This experience included documentary video and testimonies. Finally with all this informations we decided to work on the daily rituals (tattooing, depilation, skin bleaching, surgery, make-up and bodybuilding). I designed the user flow for the tattoo experience. And the introduction interface of this interactive experience.

In few words : the user enters the experience on his website, he needs to plug his headphones and authorize the webcam (this is the introduction part – see the video below). Then choose between the 6 experiences of rituals on his screen. For each experience, he can use his smartphone to interact with the character. To finish he can choose to let his own impression of rituals in participating to the collective body (upload a word or a picture).

What I learned

Better experience means having time

Maybe 3 months are not enough to work on this kind of project. So we focused on the story of only one experience instead of the 6 promised. Beyond our graphics, strategic and ux skills, this project demanded writing and copywriting skills.

Never give up

This project pushed us to give the best. Everytime we took a step forward it was also three steps backwards. The team was a great motivation to continue in finding THE best idea.

Enjoy your work !

It was a very different project than the others. No matter what the people could say about this experience (“too conceptual” “I don’t understand”). I really enjoyed designing this experience with my team.