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Echoes of Design

Echoes of design, exhibition app

Is an iPad App for the visually impaired and blind people. They can listen with headphones to the soundtracks and commentaries for each theme of the exhibition. So they can live an immersive and descriptive experience. In order for this experience to be truly immersive, the sound designers made the soundtracks and commentaries binaural.

It was a volunteering work and we worked on it for 6 months in parallel with our other student projects.

Project Details

Student project Gobelins, La Gaîté lyrique (exhibition)

Date May 2015

Skills Designing idea, Audiovisual media project manager, Production management

History of project

In October, the exhibition center presented a trend to our school. For the new exhibition with the CNAP (acronym : National Plastic Arts Center). This new exhibition was set to last from April to August of this year and was called “Design Oracles”.

The CNAP collaborated with a great trend forecaster, Li Edelkoort, to build an original exhibition with the CNAP’s collection of design and decorative arts.

To go along with the exhibition, and to innovate with a new exhibition tool, the CNAP wanted to find a way to interest the handicapped.

The exhibition had 10 themes with several objects. We chose the most representative object of each theme. And for each theme, there was a mix of an ambient music and sound design based on the theme. And one commentary soundtrack based on the picked object. The guides could choose the theme, and activate the soundtracks with the guide app version on Ipad, and the visitors would just put their headphones on and listen.

 Design Oracles

Exhibition from the 3rd April to 16th of August 2015 at la Gaité lyrique

10 themes, 10 stories to narrate the objects-oracles. Design objects.

Simple • Humble • Curious • Inflated • Abstract • Naïve • Nomadic • Mutant • Organic • Archaic

What is binaural hearing ?

Using simple headphones or earbuds, you can cheat your brain and experience a complete 3D audio journey. The principle of binaural hearing is to bypass the flap of the ear which function is to localize sound.

In order to do that we use a special plug-in which apply algorithms to the sound and tricks your perception.


Make yourself comfortable. Put your headphones on (speakers don’t work). Just close your eyes and live this strange but extraordinary experience of Echoes of design.

Production Team

Frédéric Babin

Project manager

Jeanne Thomas

Mobile project manager

Joffrey Lavigne

Interactive designer-copywriter

Amaury Vidal

Mobile developer

My role

In the project, my principal job was to coordinate the sound team and manage the production planning. It’s that kind of project I like the most. Because it’s different than just creating an interface. it’s about involving users in a global process with a different kind of experience.

I also made the promotional video to introduce the app. Unfortunately it’s a demonstration with people that were not blind because it was shot before the exhibition had started. And we didn’t have time to test the app on blind people.

Sound Team

Vincent Tellier


Olivier Bessuges

Sound Designer

Léo Guichardon

Sound Designer