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Digital Detox documentary

Digital Detox

The theme was the twentieth anniversary of the multimedia. And my team chose to speak about the cyber-addiction and we found a character who is cyber addicted to social networks. She was on Facebook every second, she posts pictures on Instragram daily, geolocates herself on Foursquare, etc.

Project Details

Student project IESA Multimedia
Date April 2014
Skills Shooting, Sound recording, Editing, Motion Design, Premiere Pro, After Effects

My role

For the shoot I was operating the camera and managed the shoot. The strong point of the documentary project was the great group cohesion and the bonds we created.

We laid out the folder, wrote the letter of intent. What we suggested , was to play a game, with challenges to overcome without the Internet or any smarphone or computer.

About our heroine

We shot Claire the whole day. We chose Claire because we knew her addiction for social media and Internet. During the day we gave her a Polaroid ® and printed out labels “Like” that she used when she saw something interesting or wanted to capture a specific moment/achievement. 

The 3 challenges were

First challenge

Finding a restaurant in Paris, knowing just the name and the approximate address. Claire just had an atlas of Paris to help her in her task.


Second challenge

Calling friends to meet up in the evening, just with a payphone card. Claire had to find a phone box first – which is not an easy nowadays. Once she found the phonebox, she had to remember his friend number… things got more complicated.

Third challenge

Finding the schedule of the movie theater UGC les Halles, we were in at Opéra at the moment. It was very suprising that even the UGC Opéra couldn’t give her the schedule of another theater.