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France Hostels

Awesome backpacking all over France

France Hostels 

France Hostels answers the needs of today’s millennials and tomorrow’s centennials who want to visit France by creating a new kind of hostels.

They intend to create 10 unique places by 2020 that will easily combine accessible ultra-comfy accommodation and revolutionary common spaces to party, work or meditate.

France Hostels is developing its own technology to provide a fluid customer experience.

Project Details

Start-up project France Hostels

Date March 2017

Skills Research, UX/UI Design, Product Design.

My role

In close collaboration with the CTO and developer, my role was to design the entire booking journey by taking into account the users needs. We chose to work in mobile first.

User Research

Quantitative survey: Collect insights and build a database for future user tests.

Workshop with master’s degree students: Define the customer journey, the booking journey, and shape first ideas.

Workshop with the team: Challenge ideas, review customer journey and iterate.

Booking journey

After research, and taking into account the different insights, I tried to roughly define the flow and the step screens we needed for the booking journey.

User flow

Meanwhile, I built the entire detailed flow of the booking journey, with all the possibilities and steps from users perspective. It seems complicated, but it was our challenge. Making the booking process the easiest possible, despite all technology constraints.


When we all agreed on the flow. I started to sketch the solution. It’s a stage I couldn’t miss, it allows me to quickly bring all the puzzle pieces together and see at first glance what doesn’t work. 


Then, I started to design the low-definition wireframes and tested the prototype with a bunch of users.

High-Fidelity prototypes 

Once I had the first feedback from users, I iterated and started to design the high-definition wireframes. Then I invitated 5 users to test the new version.


From there, the team had all the keys to continue the iteration, improve the product and think about the desktop version.