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Noé – Iot for pets

Startup in the IoT for pets

Noé is a promising company that put everything into the market of the Internet of things for pets. The idea is to reassure the owners who fear that their pet has run away or got lost. To meet this need, the Noé solution is simple : a geolocalisation device that you attach to the animal’s collar or harness. NOÉ presents itself as a waterproof little plastic box that you can tuck under any collar using two handles. It is activated using a free application. Available in the usual app stores.

Project Details

Student project Gobelins
Date November 2014
Skills Strategy, Marketing, Graphic Design

3 principal features

Register your pet

User can register its animal(s).

Principal function

Localize easily your lost pet.


Browse through alerts of other users in the area.

My role

My work was to find a graphic identity for the start-up and the brand. I led the users researchs to find the best strategy and really fit to users needs. I also participated to the market analysis

Market analysis

I partnered with three other students to study the current competition, the different prices and functionalities.

User insights

I interviewed potential users, private consumers and professionals to understand their real needs and expectations about such a product.


I participated to the definition of product and the communication strategy for the brand development.

Market analysis

We checked the existent IoT on the market and most of them are too big for a little kitty or puppy. So we had to find a solution to minimize this box. And find a technology which can fit in the box. This object had to be strong enough, impacts resistant and maybe waterproof for the dogs. We decided to design a box and not a collar because, pet collars have to be safe and it’s easier for the customer to buy the right collar for their dog or cat, little or big instead of proposing a packaging with a geolocation box and different collar sizes.

Users insights

For this part, we sent questionnaires online and on the social media. And we did interviews with private and professional customers. So the principal issues of potential users was that the object was too heavy or big for a little pet, and the collar could not be safe enough. The price was an obstacle too. So we had to take care of this insight and design a better product to fit users needs.



Even if the market is ready for pets IoT, the brands don’t offer yet any product to fit the users needs.


In a developing market where the competition is fierce, our product is simple to use, functional and affordable. Dogs and cats mustn’t be affected by the technology. Which is why our position is respectful for their health.


How to motivate and interest pet owners for this kind of products even though the market has yet to show its potential.


Become a leader in the market. Have the people know about our product and its simplicity. Convince them of the important of its harmlessness. Reassure and retain the customers, through partnerships with other brands.

What I learned

Know your users first

That sounds obvious, but a lot of works start without knowing the most important. The customers or the users are the reasons why the product / the app exists and we have to meet their expectations.

Building a skillful team

The best way to learn and improve your skills is to work with different people. It is always very rewarding to share knowledge.

Be confident

In each and every steps of my work, my team trusted me and encouraged me. That was really comforting.