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Saint Maclou 

Saint Maclou

This project is a professional case. It consisted in reworking a store website making it responsive. This was done during my internship at 5e Gauche where I was Junior UX Designer. I worked with the strategic planning team.

Project Details

Agency project 5eme Gauche
Date September 2016
Skills UX Design

My role

For my first working experience in UX Design, I worked on different kinds of projects. E-shopping, showcase websites. For Saint-Maclou (the client), my job was to think about a better experience.

User research

Studying the customers behaviour and building the experience map.


Designing the different users flows and the high-fidelity wireframes.

Going further with CX

Writing my masters degree thesis about the customer experience (CX).

User research

The strategic planning was given a study to work on about design stores customers (demographic data, social behaviour, habs…). It’s a secondary study to know the users needs. This study allowed to build an experience map and then the personae.


During my internship I made wireframes, user flow and iterations for a few pages. Each time we asked me to design a page, I always thought about the users. And it was very difficult for the project manager to accept my suggestions, because they always had an idea in mind, client centered. My manager and I always tried to make the user path easier.


During this internship, I was particularly interested in the connections between UX Design, Service design and Customer Experience. I am rather glad I could write my thesis about CX to learn more about it.

What I learned

Knowing a little is not enough

I think the user research work didn’t go as far as it should have. There were not primary studies with direct interviews or focus groups, neither users testing with the current website.

UX is not just prototyping

How difficult it is to have people understand at a digital agency that UX Design is not just prototyping wireframes, but methods and reflexion about users and their feelings.