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This project was achieved with 6 workmates (UX, Developers, Motion Designers, Graphic Designers). This project was the big final project of my bachelor’s degree and we were in competition with other teams. My role was to direct the promotional video spots for the brand we created.

Project Details

Student project IESA Multimedia
Date June 2014
Skills Storyboard, direction, Premiere Pro, After Effects

« What if you could control your personal data ?»

Why Totem?


Because today you have become a target for commercials and a great deal of other announcers. Each of your actions on internet is being collected, recorded, analyzed and used to offer you the products supposedly “fitted” to your needs. The idea itself remains interesting : offer a service always more efficient, that will best answer the needs of any client, and fully automated. But what about the right to private browsing ?
For the users that refuse that their data is being exploited at commercial and advertising needs without their authorization, TOTEM has created a reliable and innovative solution.

How does it work ?


Presenting itself as a simple USB dongle, you only have to plug TOTEM to a computer or to connect it to another bluetooth device in order to be protected.

Totem is a discrete shield that is immediately active, not requiring any installation to function. Once connected, it will block any personal data retrieval : the content of emails, the browsing habits, the identifiers and passwords, the online purchases, and it will protect all what you decide to send.

Everything that is usually analyzed and exploited without your consent is now under your control.